Jeg kan nu tilbyde familiemedlemmer gratis adgang til alle mine data. Ligeledes kan du få adgang til alle de billeder jeg har indsamlet/scannet.

Kontakt mig, hvis du er interesseret, og du får udleveret brugerid og password.

Data kan ses her: Her kan alle umiddelbart kun se fødsel og død for døde personer- men ikke alle de andre informationer jeg har samlet sammen og ej heller nulevende personer. Har du et brugerid vil du kunne se alt, og endda foreslå mig rettelser og tilføjelser.

Jeg har masser af gamle billeder, som jeg har scannet ind. Hvis du er i familie med personer på billederne, vil du også kunne få en gratis kopi af billeder, så du f.eks. selv kan bestille forstørrelser. Kontakt mig for at få dette. Continue reading

Transfer 8mm cine film to computer/DVD

I have digitized an amout of old 8mm cine films to the computer and DVD. This has been a long, but interesting and educating process.

Here’s my experiences and advice, if you are interested in the same.

Steps (I will later update with more description than these few keywords):

1. Setup equipment
Distance, darkness, project onto A4 white paper
Camera settings: fps, iso, focus, light adjustment, no audio
Clean 8mm projector, lens, etc.

2. Record to camera
Remember to check after first recording if all is ok. You may talk while recording. Takes a long time. Be careful not to mix tapes! Write down which films in which order.
My bulb broke, had to order new one, £30!

3. Remove film lead-in and lead-out from files and split files
Freemake Video Converter, freeware. Take 1 film at a time and save as AVI.

4. Assemble films to a file
Windows Movie Maker, add title between slides 4 seconds.

5. Create DVD from file
Freemake Video Converter can burn a DVD from a file

6. Final!
Remember to test it works! Also remember to store a copy of the “original” recorded files – just in case..


See my photos from Poland 2005-2006, when I was posted to Warszawa with my previous employer and also from our trip to Poland in 1999, where we went on holiday in the southern Poland. We have been to many other parts of Poland too, for example Stettin and around this area, Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot.

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