Transfer 8mm cine film to computer/DVD

I have digitized an amout of old 8mm cine films to the computer and DVD. This has been a long, but interesting and educating process.

Here’s my experiences and advice, if you are interested in the same.

Steps (I will later update with more description than these few keywords):

1. Setup equipment
Distance, darkness, project onto A4 white paper
Camera settings: fps, iso, focus, light adjustment, no audio
Clean 8mm projector, lens, etc.

2. Record to camera
Remember to check after first recording if all is ok. You may talk while recording. Takes a long time. Be careful not to mix tapes! Write down which films in which order.
My bulb broke, had to order new one, £30!

3. Remove film lead-in and lead-out from files and split files
Freemake Video Converter, freeware. Take 1 film at a time and save as AVI.

4. Assemble films to a file
Windows Movie Maker, add title between slides 4 seconds.

5. Create DVD from file
Freemake Video Converter can burn a DVD from a file

6. Final!
Remember to test it works! Also remember to store a copy of the “original” recorded files – just in case..